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Fisherman Trap

I’m getting a first hand look at the fisherman’s obsession. This week I’ve had the pleasure of going to Trapper’s Route, Black Beach, and Alcova Lake, in the Casper, Wyoming, region. I found this website for Casper angling. I’ve also been reading a book by Chad Hanson called Swimming with Trout which has helped my husband share fishing with me.

Friday night I asked my husband if he wanted to go fishing on Trapper’s Route Saturday. His eyes widened, “sure. Yes.” I told him I wanted to get some pictures and things because people might not know about this area and would want to try it out with their families too.


Figures that enough people are coming out to the area to warrant fences. It was the first sign new developments were afoot. In early Spring the Game and Fish Department renovated Trapper’s Route with signage, restroom facilities, tables and fire rings. This is great for the fisherman with families!

I’m not sure if they held a contest for names or what, but they came up with Whitetail, Golden Currant, Chalk Bluffs, and Buffaloberry for the fishing/camping areas.


Although Husband has fished in several of these spots as a fly fisherman we went beyond Buffaloberry and took a path made by tire tracks. From where we were on the road you can’t see the North Platte River for at least another 10 minutes.


From the limited shoreline we set up chairs and wormed up. Is that the right phrase?


Husband went into the river in waders for some fly fishing. Most of the time the kids and I were catching seaweed but we munch some lunch.

Catch one.

15 minutes later, catch two.

Another 10 or so minutes, catch three. Husband said it was the best fishing trip he’s ever had – fastest he’s ever caught in such a short time. Of course, I reminded him that Baby & I were his good luck charms.


At one point I wanted to fish further down in this spot but it wasn’t safe to have both kids there as it drops into a deep hole. Lots of fish.

So many fish I saw 2 dance right out of the water, laughing at me….


Husband laughed at me, “yep. They do that.” But he’d already confirmed to himself that there was a drop off hole full of fish. He watched the kids while I tried my hand unsuccessfully. Husband took pity and helped us cast and wait for our fish to come on line. Big Boy reeled in his first trout and I got to reel in and release a itty bitty one.

Husband says his legacy is to catch and release

so that he doesn’t catch all of the fish leaving none for others.


Can I Too Be A “Fisherwoman”?

Recently I got my first-ever annual fishing license. I’ve fished before, without a license, as a kid in a pond with no fish. I’ve also bought “day licenses” and spent the day yakking, but bored with fishing as an “experience”.

Big Boy getting tips on what the fish are nibbling...

Making the effort. Some say part of a good relationship requires a certain level of understanding or appreciation of your partners hobbies. It can be as little as knowing terminology to “listen” or finding a great deal on equipment he really wants. I’ve made the effort of the years in our marriage to attempt these things but a lot of timing problems have caused them to be few and far between. Snowmobiling, hunting, and fishing are my husband’s main hobbies. Although he enjoys doing other things I’d say those are his “Big 3”.

Having no role models (male or female) in my life to teach me any of these things let alone see them done, I was left watching men on tv do these kinds of activities. So attempting to ride, hit the broad side of a barn, or reel one in without being soaking wet, are enigmas to me. The biggest obstacle isn’t that my husband isn’t willing to take me with him or teach me, it’s that he is less than forthcoming on things I need to know, “tips”, because of his experience or skill.

“Take fishing – I should have boned up on some skills beforehand by looking on the internet.” Says Wyomingstorygirl, “I don’t even know how to use his fishing pole.”

I didn’t, but we did go fishing yesterday afternoon, meeting up with one of his coworkers and their extended family. Let’s just say my husband and I were on 2 different fishing trips! Husband got his stuff done, left me the fishing rod and walked too far away for even a shouting conversation. *sigh*

Find out the Basics

I know the basics – you need to bait your hook. So I impaled a worm on the barbed hook for my 3.5 years old son and got his set up. Then I did the same for mine. 5 minutes into it, Big Boy has lost 2 worms and is off running around the rocks playing. 3 hours into it, I’d lost 3 worms myself, lost one hook in the rocks, “caught” one 18 foot tree and snarled my line into several pom poms. At least the pom poms allowed me to be able to see where I’ve “cast”.

Looking interested, Husband comes back to see how I’m doing. I must say my Husband has a really bad understanding for “timing”- he’d come back for my “fishing lesson”. Husband tells me what I’ve done wrong: tied my new hook improperly, made a mess of the weights, showed me what to do when my line “spins” and advised I needed to cast overhead (tennis anyone?). I watched from shore as he walked out in his waders to cast. “Why are you casting with my fishing pole?” “To give you the experience of reeling in a fish.” “Um, I think I need to practice my casting first. Can I have my pole back.” After tellig these tidbits Husband was prepared to go back out for another couple hours but as Baby was at camp with friends of the family I was wondering how she was getting on. We turned back before sundown to go home.

Husband was pleased I hadn’t complained or gotten mad. Um, apparently he really was too far away to hear me swear like a sailor. No, you missed that, I vowed to go online to learn what I needed and I’ll take the kids fishing by myself.

View of the North Platte River from Trappers Route, Casper, Wyoming

Maybe some tips in these related articles could give you the edge the next time you attempt to lure a tree or you know, a trout…

Poached Fish in Court Bouillon

IMAG0521I am watching some old BBC shows including The Duchess of Duke Street (circa 1976). In one of the episodes I saw the main character making poached fish and as I had defrosted a fish for tonight’s dinner I needed a recipe! I found an easy to make Court Bouillon and it only takes a short time to poach the fish. I’ll make some rice pilaf to finish her off. Here’s where I started…

The court bouillon…Good Lord, I wish I could provide smell-o-vision for this amazing smell… similar to stuffing seasoning cooking…with a touch of wine (I used Sake, by the way!)

Photo1224 (2)Photo1229Photo1230

Straining the aromatics, and then deboning the fish….


and the presentation…quite tasty.


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