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Transition from Store Bought to Homemade Breads & Bakery Goods

How often have you gone to a party or see a photo on Facebook showing mouth watering breads or baked goods? How often have you wished you were a super awesome person who seems to have a million hours in their life to do that? How often have you *sighed* drooling over the photos that seem too complicated for a person who well…sets off the fire alarm EACH time they turned on the oven?

I’m so mad I wasted money on a “cake pops” maker! It never occurred to me that people were just making them from cake and frosting! Aren’t you jealous of the blogs of Bakerella, for photos of ….


the photos from Love From The Oven….


or any one of these ladies that Love From The Oven lists in her post “My Favorite Bakers and Bloggers Must See Sites”. *drrrrroooooooool*

Anyway, I love those kinds of baked goods and I could never come up with anything that clever. I’ll just imitate! But what I really love is bread and the scent when I mix yeast together… ok, well I love to pat the “rise” too. Here are my recipe picks for all kinds of bread that I normally eat. Some I’ve tried, others I want to try (and shall!).


The Fresh Loaf has a recipe perfected for English Muffins that while doesn’t boast all those “nooks and crannies”, tastes pretty good.

The Weekend Bakery braved Classic French Croissants! I am encouraged to, as they are my favorite pastry aside from Danishes. I had a job as a teen that took me past a donut shop that made croissants. Let’s just say I had a croissant and hot cocoa each morning. Luckily it was a summer camp job and I was walking to and from work too – love to burn those calories!


My husband loves the touch of honeyed sweetness in this Whole Wheat Honey Bread from Tammy’s Recipes. I have a loaf sitting on the counter right now. It’s a rival to Hubby’s fav but super expensive $5.00 Russian Rye. Although the Russian Rye isn’t completely organic (without any chemicals) the cost for such a small loaf is outrageous when he goes through 1 a week. I NEED a homemade Russian Rye recipe please!

Aren’t Pita Bread and Tortillas almost the same? lol I did see a new post on a linky party this week that I might need to try out!

Need quick Hamburger/Hot Dog Buns? Look no further than Taste of Home. You can use these as dinner rolls too. I had problems with the recipe originally, but I tried it yesterday and they turned out awesome, more so than the 70+ ingredients in store bought buns – I think I may have had “timing” issues – not letting the yeast set long enough and not kneading it long enough.


I want to try out these Eclairs at The Fresh Loaf!

Crepes, sweet or savory! Although the first crepes were a better fit, Alton Brown’s were a better recipe.

A reader suggested I try out the Artisan Breads in 5 Minutes book, which I’ve heard of but haven’t read yet. It may give me more ideas. What are your favorite breakfast, lunch/dinner, dessert breads?

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