Who Knew? Blogger oops

Apparently in 2008 I was a busy girl. After having my first child I tried to set up my own blog but without any success, not even a first post, I forgot about it. Such a dork! So I posted there to let people know I’m on WordPress. But if you do see someone who looks vaguely familiar it probably is me logged in on Blogger.


Just in case you didn’t know, I’ve been Wyomingstorygirl since about 2001. Years before I even moved to Wyoming. About 20 years ago Story, Wyoming, was a beautiful area to live and buy cheap at like 15,000.00. 2005 to present you can add a couple more zeros as in 1,500,000.00 for a piece of property. Boy, I missed my real estate calling at 15 years of age.


About WyomingStoryGirl

I like all kinds of recipes and feeding the growling stomachs of my friends and family.

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  1. Hi Denise: Thanks for visiting my blog. I agree there is a difference with store bought food compared to home raised. Glad to know your note allergic to eggs, that would be a shame. I so enjoy raising chickens they are alot of fun, they pretty much make me laugh every day with some antic.
    Gail – Our New Life in Wyoming.

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