A Fish Tale

Only a few days ago I was moaning about my first official fishing trip. Today Husband bought me my own rod. I put my 2 piece rod together, tied my own hook on (Husband tied on the weights) but let him put on the worm bow tie while I held Baby back.

Must have done the trick:


About 12 inches, male, stock from the hatchery (docked fin). We were laughing and joking about how we probably should check the lines, I laughed and said wouldn’t it be funny if there is a fish just hanging on there, waiting? You got it. Husband actually went in and grabbed the hook, bowtie and all, right out of his gullet, for me to use again. I liked that.

Yeah, we were still laughing when I said…. um, maybe we should check his. Big Boy caught himself a sucker fish. No good for eating (they are bottom dwelling, trash eating, vacuums). We can use it for bait though! Big Boy was pretty upset about “my friend” for awhile.


And even Husband caught something…


Baby cooed at that crawdad for at least a good half hour, if longer, calling it her “‘dad” and carrying it around like a kitten or a doll. Only pinched her once, but he was still hers, yelling “MINE, MINE, MINE. No touch. MINE! Poked at its eyes a lot, petted him, soothed his feelers, and after I told her I’d cook him up for her she perked right up. To eat him. Stuck the poor thing butt first in her mouth.

“Love it. I’d say this day was right up there with one of the best in my life,” declared Wyomingstorygirl

Oh, yeah. Big Boy locked the keys in the car and luckily I had my cell phone. Called our neighbor who kindly drove 45 minutes out to us with a spare set. There is a special place in heaven for good friends like her! Thank YOU.


About WyomingStoryGirl

I like all kinds of recipes and feeding the growling stomachs of my friends and family.

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  1. You go girl!!! That fish is amazing!

    • Thanks. My son caught ANOTHER fish today – rainbow trout (stock, again) but the rest of us were skunked. Guess Mommy needs to go on fishing trips for her Big Boy to get anything on his line. Love bein’ a good luck charm.

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