What Would Anyone Want to Be On A “Pinterest Waiting List”

I have no interest in Pinterest. Okay so some of my photos have been pinned and I decided to go ahead and join so I can tell the people who have pinned a certain thing, thanks. I tried to login using BOTH my Facebook and Twitter and got nowhere. I decided to google Pinterest and found that after requesting an invite that I would be put on a “waiting list.”

Um, sorry? Did you say “WAITING LIST” for a WEBSITE? What decade is PINTEREST think they live in?

So I’m waiting, I guess. That’s some poor technology. I guess it’s like when MySpace first came out, I joined. No one was on there, lots of tech bugs, glitches, etc. and then when people actually joined I used it to gather alumni from my high school when I was on the reunion committee.


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I like all kinds of recipes and feeding the growling stomachs of my friends and family.

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  1. Yes silly isn’t it and you are so correct. It’s not like they charge you to join or something. I had to wait for one of my friends to send me an invite. You have to be invited to join Pinterest. I am a member, so if you send me your email address to franny@oregonsmiles.net I will send you and invite. ~Franny
    PS: what part of Wyoming are you? My kids live in Casper

    • Thanks for the invite Franny, I’ve had a few others offer to send me an invite but I’d like to see how long they take. I’m mainly want to keep track of how many times someone pins one of my recipe pictures and to thank that person for the compliment. We live in Casper too! Wouldn’t it be funny if your kids and I know each other? lol

  2. I’ve had friends say they are on a waiting list…but then they are in fairly quickly. I wonder if it is connected with an “invite”. Never thought about that. Usually people are in right away. I have been on Pinterest since October and I have to tell you….I am an addict. 😉
    I’m not on every day….but it’s very relaxing to me to Pin things. I’ve always loved design and the recipes are incredible. If you decide you like it….let me know…we can become “friends” there. Two other bloggers I know here and I, have connected as “friends” on Pinterest.

  3. hey Pinterest….still waiting…

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