Ways to Use White Sauce

Tonight I was at a loss of what to make for dinner. IMAG0510We are doing pantry eating for a few days, which isn’t difficult, as I have the choice of fish, pork chops or game meat. I find repetition a bother week after week so finding new ways to prepare the same main ingredient is a must. As we are also not “leftover” eaters it’s not usually a problem as I can adjust recipes to fit our appetites.

**AHA** How about a seasoned white sauce with spaghetti? I can throw in some shrimp, peas, carrots, and spinach into the white sauce. Top with grated parm, voila! Gourmet dinner for 4 under $5.00. (I am taking in consideration the “unit price” since I use these ingredients frequently.)

Here’s the recipe I use for white sauce which was typed up on an index card back in the late 1940s Home Ec class my mom was taking. It’s quite versatile because you can make it thin for soup, medium thick for spaghetti, or thick for a baking consistency. You can also add a lemon for fish dishes!

It takes maybe 20 minutes total.


THIN (cream soups)

1 Tablespoon Butter (or other fat)

1 Tablespoon Flour

1 Cup Liquid (you can use water, any kind of milk product, including cream)

1/2 teaspoon Salt

MEDIUM (creamed vegetables, sauce for meats and fish)

2 Tablespoons Butter (or other fat)

2 Tablespoons Flour

1 Cup Liquid (you can use water, any kind of milk product, including cream)

1/2 teaspoon Salt

THICK (this is best to hold together ingredients for croquettes and soufflés)

4 Tablespoons Butter (or other fat)

4 Tablespoons Flour

1 Cup Liquid (you can use water, any kind of milk product, including cream)

1/2 teaspoon Salt


The ingredients are simple as all you need are butter, flour, salt, and milk…


Melt the butter on heat just enough to melt – do not burn the butter!


Next, throw in the salt and add the flour. I turn the heat off when I add the flour so that it doesn’t burn.


Add your liquid.

Stir, stir, stir. And stir some more. It’s like gravy and you’ll end up with a lot of flour clumps so constant stirring is necessary to break the clumps down.


As soon as it is boiling, remove from the fire.

The consistency should be what you desire – if not quite thick enough continue to cook on low heat, simmering and stirring.

Adding veggies, herbs or spices…what is your solution to keeping white sauce “fresh” in your dishes?

Take a look at these other ideas when making a white sauce:

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  1. Hey Wyomingstorygirl,
    Thanks you for your post, Would you crave a cup of white sauce or hope that it is on the menu? Probably not, but you will find white sauce behind many fabulous dishes. If you want to be a really good cook, you must master the art of making a white sauce.

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