Yummy Bread

I wrote Transition from Store Bought to Homemade Breads & Bakery Goods about how I love bread (and other baked goods!). I think I’ve mentioned once or twice that it’s my intention to try to make as much of our food at home because it is healthier, economical, and sets the example I want about homemaking for my children.

Yesterday I went ahead and tried the Hamburger/Hot Dog Buns recipe again after my first attempt was a disaster – tasted good, but dense, crumbly and fell apart. By setting about to try it again I found that my problem was two-fold: I hadn’t let the yeast interact with the ingredients long enough and that I hadn’t kneaded the bread long enough to give it the gluten time to develop. Having kids sometimes means that time has no meaning – this time I went ahead and used a timer at the specific steps. This time I let the yeast interact and it fluffed up nicely and I kneaded the dough for 5 minutes. Doing it RIGHT resulted in the perfect soft, fluffy baked bread that was as good as the commercial hamburger buns and hot dog buns. It was delicious! It is for sure the problem I’ve been having in the bread baking with similar results, it needs more time in the rise after I get it out of the bread machine’s dough cycle.

My husband would like the buns warm but I found they taste better the next day. They cut much easier when making the slit for the hot dog or hamburger.


**I figured out that I somehow transposed the post for the Honey Wheat Bread and the 40 Minute recipe. Oops**

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  1. I make all my own bread, rolls and buns also, it took me a few months to master my bread machine but it has absolutely been the best investment I have made, what a time saver!

    • I had been doing so well until about a month ago – that’s when I started having issues. Glad I figured it out. I totally agree that my $8.00 investment from the Salvation Army aka my bread machine is a time saver! I don’t like the bread machine “shape” for bread but it’s perfect for great rise.

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