What’s Up Doc? Eating Bunnies

I always thought that Bugs Bunny deserved to get shot by Elmer Fudd and cut up by the witch. So arrogant! I hated they way he tricked Daffy Duck all the time.

****SPOILER ALERT: Scroll to the Bottom for End Result!****


I happen to like just about anything that moves … for my dinner plate. I’ve had chocolate covered crickets (delicious! Like Nestle Crunch Bars with legs. And YES, I will get some and do ‘em up here someday soon) and fried rattlesnake (yes, it looked like bacon and tasted like a cross between that and chicken satay) so it’s not a stretch for me to say to my husband “what’s up Doc?” is for dinner. Our bunny is courtesy of a barter of Elk for bunny a few months ago. Our friend raises them as a 4H type project in her backyard.

My little friend is considered a “young fryer”, quartered so there are many recipes I’m not able to try for a lack of…parts. My son just wants their paws! I can just imagine the number of ants in his room from dead things as he gets older. lol.

Anyway, let’s get to it. How to cook this little guy?

If I had broth, I’d have done something simple tonight like this rabbit and dumplings from Food Network


However, I’m going with a no-recipe dinner. We’ll start with a creamy wild rice soup thickened with added mushrooms, potato, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, peas, celery, and onions. I’m going to braise the rabbit and then tenderize it, finishing it off to complement the soup. This is definitely a pantry clearance type of soup – but these veggies are great!



Here’s my made up recipe, feel free to adjust it to your taste, as my “amounts” are approximate:

1 fryer (young) quartered Rabbit, thawed

2 T butter

1/4 C onions (or as much as you like) sliced, diced, minced, whatever

1/4 C celery sliced, diced, minced, whatever

UP TO 5 C milk (it’s broken down into 3 steps in the recipe)

1 can sliced mushrooms

3/4 C mixed, cut broccoli and cauliflower (no stems)

1/2 C mixed peas and diced carrots

2 BAKED potatoes, cut into bit sized pieces

Herbs & spices (I used a lot of my McCormick Gourmet bottles) – Marjoram, Sage, Thyme, Coarse Black Pepper, Rosemary.


Photo1112Okay, since the soup will take the most time, I’m starting with butter, onions, and celery. Heat on low (so the butter doesn’t burn).

Once the butter is melted and the scent of onions and celery mix in the air (trust me, even with a stuffy up nose, I can smell it!) add 1/4 Cup of the milk.

Photo1113Give it another minute or two, add your peas, carrots, mushrooms, broccoli and cauliflower. Don’t worry too much about adding additional liquid, the water from the frozen veggies will be perfect. If you used fresh veggies, then you should add up to 1/2 Cup milk or water to balance.

Photo1115At this point you’ve cooked the veggies about 15- 20 minutes and it’s time to add your soup mix. Also add up to 3 cups of milk or cream (if you like more “soup” use at least 3 cups or more” You can add more if you need. Don’t use water because it won’t taste right. I used Shore Lunch brand Creamy Wild Rice Soup. I get it at Menard’s but you can order it from plenty of places if your grocery store doesn’t carry it. It’s a big bag of soup, I cut it up into smaller serving sizes. 1/4 cup dry mix = 1 cup soup. *I had a 4 serving amount in a baggy but if you use your own dry soup mix, make sure it has a thickening – cornstarch or flour – so that it becomes thick. Photo1114The Shore Lunch instructions say boil it about 20 minutes til thickened.*

Since your potatoes are already baked they don’t need a lot of time in the soup. Just don’t forget to add them!

Maintain the heat at the same level unless you notice it starting to scorch on the bottom, if so, turn it down a bit. Continue to simmer, giving it a stir every few minutes, until it becomes noticeably thicker (or whatever desired consistency for soup you like if you aren’t pairing it with anything else).



While the soup is doing its thing, time to begin your rabbit. I suggest a cast iron skillet, but whatever skillet you find is a good braising, browning pan is the one to use. Add several tablespoons of oil to your pan. Very important is the pan must be HOT to get the right browning.


As you can see I season these little guys right on the wrappings after I’ve rinsed them off. Photo1111

Next, you want to make sure they get some oil on them before placing them in the skillet or because of the fat they’ll stick to the skillet and you’d have a yucky spot. Now add 1 CUP Soy Sauce, broth, or wine and 1 CUP of water. And cook at a simmer.


Add more water as needed I only needed another cup.



Flip them over when they get nice and brown. Use your thermometer to check the pieces as they cook. They are just right at 160 degrees to take out of the pan. The meat will continue to cook during ‘rest’ and will hit the magic number of 165 degrees. The smaller ones will cook fastest. You are cooking them just right if your thermometer moves quickly to the magic number. I had a moment where the smallest pieces weren’t showing the increasing on the thermometer so I turned my heat up slightly.

Kids Plates


Adult Entrees!


Like what you see? Check out my other recipes for Elk and Lamb.

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  1. Yumm! Thanks for the recipe and step by step details! 🙂

  2. heavensdaughter

    Oh boy. Now I really need to get my rabbit hutches up and running. Yum.

  3. Have never had rabbit. Poor bunny. Have had rattlesnake, pretty good, Don’t think I’d touch the chocolate covered crickets with a ten foot pole. Draw the line at bugs. Bleh…. 🙂

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