World’s Largest Potluck Attempt a Success with 861 Dishes!

Whoot whoot! We attended the Guinness Book of World Record Attempt: Casper, Wyoming, U.S., World’s Largest Potluck yesterday with a couple of plates of Ethel’s Sugar Cookies (and some unopened food for the donation to the food bank). Boy, was it fun and so much good food! The goal was set at 808 dishes. Did the community participation surpass it? Yes, we did! The turnout was spectacular – at almost 2:30 a voice boomed over the speaker system that the official tally was at 861 dishes and 980 persons!

To break the current record the event had to exceed the previous number of dishes registered, Dee Lundberg, the event’s spokesperson said, was 805 dishes. Guinness reps did detail the number as 805 dishes to “beat” in an email as late as Friday to one of the event organizers. The Guinness World Records Corporate website said, “the largest pot luck party was achieved by 479 participants, in an event organised{sic} by Slideluck Potshow (USA) in the Old Tobacco Warehouse, New York, USA, on 15 May 2010.” However after another 45 minutes of internet searching I found River Pointe Church (Richmond, TX) held the distinction of breaking THAT record in August 2011. Curiously the old record hasn’t been updated, which is a shame because they deserve to be recognized too.

I read the article about how River Pointe Church achieved their record and it was very heartwarming to know that no matter your religion (or lack thereof), COMMUNITY is what brings us together to take care of one another. The event was planned by Interfaith of Natrona County, also gained donations from local businesses, organizations and individuals (including those who attended without a dish). The organizers had a goal to bring awareness of poverty, especially FOOD POVERTY, in a single county within the State of Wyoming. In total, about $40,000.00 was collected before and during the event!

It’s not over yet, the attempt must still be verified by Guinness. In the next few weeks (or maybe months?) Guinness will review the documentation provided. Once the verification process is complete and decision made, an official letter and certificate will be sent to Interfaith of Natrona County.

A big round of applause and a “thank you” to the Volunteers who were the foundation and those who helped make this event a tremendous success to each of us who participated.

Read more…. (photos too!)

Kiss FM, Casper, Wyoming

K2 Radio


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  1. thanks story girl,

    Yep it’s going to take a while to compile all of the “evidence” and then ship it off to the UK and then
    , , , and then. . . we wait. . . I will make sure it gets publicised the day I get the official nod. . .

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