Turn the Mundane into Exotic–Foodie #2

Take a simple piece of wild game, like an Elk roast, and turn it into a roast meat hoagie and Au Jue!

It is easy to make, without a lot of intervention from you. Prep to oven is less than a minute and if you’re like me 45 minutes is about your limit in “waiting.”

The 2 things to remember about wild game meat/poultry is always wash off excess blood (or in some cases “draw” out the blood by marinating it in French dressing, vinegar, wine, or even milk) and not cook it more gently than you would beef or other store bought meat due to its lower ratio of fat. It cooks really fast so I recommend cooking it to what you’d normally call rare with some blood. If it’s a large piece of meat, slice several cuts into it so that the middle (which usually cooks the slowest in large cuts) is exposed to the cooking process and keeps the ends from overcooking before the middle gets close to being done.

meat 1

If you see any area on your wild game that is very dark red, almost black, cut it off, it is too saturated with blood to draw out without having a bad taste. Trim off any silver skin and hard fat, season your wild game as you would any kind of meat. I like to use soy sauce mixed with water for “broth” to provide the salt seasoning. That broth ends up being my Au Jus after skimming.

Put it in the oven at 375 degrees and according to how you like your meat, mooing vs. dead dead dead, cook at least 35 minutes. I don’t cover it but about 20 minutes in I turn it over and when I left it rest I turn it back over so that it gets to absorb some of the saltiness during cooking.

I know…vague? But what you are looking for is just a bit underdone of what you like. In your poultry, you need to ensure that it meets the temperature so use a thermometer.

Slightly undercooking your meat is also helpful for when you want to cut a hunk off for when you reheat leftovers in the microwave – they won’t leave you with dry meat. Also, let your meat sit for about 10 minutes so the juices stay in the meat better during slicing. Letting the meat sit also allows it to cook just slightly to perfection. If it’s still too pink for you, nuke it about 1 minute for well done.

Slice up just like you would for a steak hoagie and apply all the goodies you like! Sorry for not posting a photo of the sandwich because I was too hungry so this is the last photo:


How do you like your wild game –

Exotic or made so it passes as “beef”?

I’m #393!
Hop #49 and I’m #221
fingerprints on the fridgeI’m #436!

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  1. Those are such handy tips! My husband loves game and I imagine that I would need to know how to cook it if he brought some home. I’m definitely going to save your page for future reference!

    • Thanks Andi! I checked your blog out but not sure it let me comment (or maybe it did 3 times in a row) but check out my Gen. Tso’s chicken using wild game about a month ago. Also, I LOVE sweet tea & Dr. P too!!! I’m saving your page too because I love the cupid shirt – it is the sentiment a friend of my has due to a crappy love life since we were 7 yrs old

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