Bear with me today as I rush to make cookies, cupcakes, and clean the house after my husband (“Daddy”) has gone off to work to Oklahoma City. Yep, I got dishes soaking in the sink, the dishwasher going, bleach on the countertop, vinegar on the dishwasher countertop, open containers that the kids have drug out of the cupboards, but the items on the dishwasher are clean!

Dirty Kitchen Sunday

I need to reorganize the basket and other random things sitting on the dryer. *sigh* It gets this way when my husband is home for a few days, I simply can’t keep up with cleaning everything! Case in point: we have like 20 cups/glasses/kids cups and what I open the kitchen cupboard to find maybe, 6. I don’t know how my husband can use that many cups! So today will be a cleanup day.

I don’t even have the space to cook an egg!


About WyomingStoryGirl

I like all kinds of recipes and feeding the growling stomachs of my friends and family.

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  1. Just fixed my dishwasher and then cleaned it with vinegar. Feelin like a true DIYer.

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