Egg-cellence Challenge & Essay Contest – Day 4 with Farm Fresh Eggs: Hard Boiled

Hmmm…well, you saw how bad dirty my kitchen was this morning. I did figure out that the bottom part of the double boiler pan from yesterday was not dirty, and used that to boil eggs. Hard boiled eggs are a problem for me: Photo1015I never know if I’d gotten them DONE until they crack!

Anyway, here’s the egg:

I found that there was more of the white sticking to the shell than I’m used to. I tried to peel it away, but there wasn’t a thin membrane? between the shell and the white like I’m used to in store bought eggs.

Seriously, the TMI part here is that these farm fresh eggs haven’t given me gas of the magnitude of an erupting volcano. It’s not a problem when I cook them into foods, but I have the same problem with dairy/ice cream too. With store bought eggs, by a 4th day I’d have a gas mask on and my husband would have started divorce proceedings! It’s that awful. Okay, end of TMI….I would love to find out if raw milk has the same results as basically, eliminating sensitivity or lactose intolerance.

Has anyone had that experience? If so, please tell me about it.


About WyomingStoryGirl

I like all kinds of recipes and feeding the growling stomachs of my friends and family.

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