A Preschool Day: Valentine’s Day Party

I volunteered to help out at Big Boys preschool class party. I’m excited to do this for the first time with my own child. I’m also bringing cupcakes, cookies, gelatin in sheet cakes and punch to drink. I’m going to need to take my Joovy Caboose to drag both Baby and supplies inside that day. I’m less enthused to be doing the activities. Even worse I have to keep the supplies his teacher gave me in the car except when I’m working on them to keep Big Boy from being …well, a …sticker, coloring happy, destructive baby.

Saturday: Cookies…

I made Ethel’s Sugar Cookies from Betty Crocker. It’s a favorite recipe I’ve growing up. With the high altitude issue I have a lot of problems with spreading but I think I’ve got it figured out with about 1/2 cup more flour plus what I use during roll out. I couldn’t find the Valentine theme cutter bag nor any heart cutters so I used 2 different style of “flowers”. I’ll ice the big flowers and make “sandwiches” out of the smaller flowers, leaving them plain.

Sunday: Cupcakes…

No need to wait until the last minute to make these! I find when I wait until “just the right moment” or etc, there is disaster and no time left to make a 2nd attempt! A promise is a promise and a real pet peeve of mine when someone breaks a promise for lack of planning. I plan on red cherry flavored velvet cake with pink frosting, white frosting, and colored sugar sprinkles. Darn it: disaster. This is the before: Photo1013

Turns out the baking powder was flat – it made the cupcakes flat. I also used the last of my red food coloring so Monday I have to go to the store for that, to get more coloring, eggs (I’m almost out and I need to do the store bought eggs part of my egg challenge). I used The Pioneer Woman Cooks (Ree Drummond)’s recipe for Red Velvet Cake as cupcakes. (Like I mentioned in later post I had to switch to another recipe from White Whimsy for Red Velvet Cupcakes which saved the day from a total massacre by preschoolers)

Monday: Punch & Gelatin…

I’m going simple with a flavored Kool-Aid punch, chilled, reserving some punch as ice cubes so as not to water down the punch, and Jello Jigglers in sheet cakes. The delay shouldn’t affect the punch & gelatin making since the actual “cooking” will be to leave it alone. The kids will use cookie cutters/shape cutters to make their Jigglers. It will be very…interesting…to see if I can pull this all off!

Are you getting creative this Valentine’s Day?

What are you doing to make it fun?

2/14: I’m #31

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I like all kinds of recipes and feeding the growling stomachs of my friends and family.

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  1. Can’t wait to hear how the party went

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