Egg-cellence Challenge & Essay Contest – Day 3 with Farm Fresh Eggs: Poached

I knew yesterday how I wanted to cook my eggs today! POACHED. This series reminds me of the scene in Runaway Bride where Julia Roberts character Maggie tries to find out how she likes her eggs. Trying out each until she found the one she liked best.

It’s my favorite way to have eggs ad I haven’t had poached eggs (made in a double boiler type) in years because most cooks poach them directly in water and I don’t like watery poached eggs. My Big Boy decided my method to my madness was so interesting he wanted an egg too.

I was kinda hungry but looking more forward to poaching, I guess. I filled one of my double boiler pans with water, placed the poaching mini pans plate on, and put in one of the mini pans. Well, I put in one because I could only find one. My kids love these mini pans and I’m always trying to locate them.


Being high altitude it takes longer to boil water. At approximate height comparable to Denver it seems to take FOREVER. But it eventually does…so I slid in my egg.


and waited…


and waited…




So I put a lid on it. I should have before but I wanted to watch (the kid in me). That did the trick to get the rest of it cooked. Then I began to worry about whether the yolk was cooked too. So I let it bubble some more.


Finally I poked it with a fork and it kept the fork. haha. Like good chili. So I flipped it out, or tried to, shoulda coated it with something beforehand. It turned out alright looking.


It was pretty good tasting but I needed to cook it longer to make the yolk cooked perfectly to my taste. I think the lid would have come in to play more here…another day, another egg.



About WyomingStoryGirl

I like all kinds of recipes and feeding the growling stomachs of my friends and family.

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  1. You need to get a glass lid, so the “kid in you” can watch! 😉

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