Egg-cellence Challenge & Essay Contest – Day 2 with Farm Fresh Eggs: Scrambled

I wasn’t very hungry this morning. Last night for dinner I made elk, baked potatoes and corn so it’s still processing. We also had  a homemade ice cream and a dessert recipe out of the first cookbook by The Pioneer Woman’s (Ree Drummond) for Oatmeal Crispies (check out my Reading Challenge post to find out what I’m reading!).

I pulled the carton of eggs out wondering what kind to make, finally deciding on scrambled when Big Boy said he wasn’t interested in any. My husband had already made his oatmeal and I was trying to stay out of his way in our small galley kitchen.

Once I was alone, I made this…

Scrambling eggs

and ended with a final product, garnishing with Tabasco and an orange sliver.


It took longer to cook than usual which I attributed to the juicier content of the whites. I like my eggs scrambled really dry but I was too impatient to wake any longer… Once again, tasty and delicious! My husband liked the looks of my eggs so much he took a bite forgetting I like my scrambled eggs a bit spicy.

I was surprised at how “juicy” the whites are in the fresh eggs from the farm. I wonder how long it takes before they become less juicy?

Also, a reader commented that I should make boiled eggs to appreciate the differences of store bought and fresh farm eggs – I did right after this for a potato salad! I didn’t take a photo but yes, the hard yolk is very yellow. Much more yellow than my pale yellow store bought egg I boiled alongside for comparison. I thought that was interesting…I plan on making a poached egg for Saturday morning breakfast.

I have some digestive issues normally associated with even one serving of dairy or eggs…gas. *TMI ALERT* Nose hair curling gas. Yup. Oddly, I’ve found NO DIGESTIVE ISSUES with these fresh farm eggs. I’m very excited in this discovery. If farm fresh is all that resolves my flipping issues with gas after eating eggs then Doris is going to have one heck of a customer in me!

Is it true, fresh eggs/raw milk resolve digestive issues with eggs/dairy?


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I like all kinds of recipes and feeding the growling stomachs of my friends and family.

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