Egg-cellence Challenge & Essay Contest – Day 1 with Farm Fresh Eggs: Fried Eggs

Our first morning eating farm fresh eggs started a little late, 8:00 a.m., and we were hungry! My husband (the Daddy!) normally eats oatmeal with some granola (or whatever crunchy cereal we have on hand) on top so he passed on a plate.

From what  my husband says, former farm boy that he is, “fresh eggs like this….

 Farm Fresh Eggs!

….are richer and more nutritious.”

Well, he should have experience growing up on a dairy farm in a little town in Minnesota! His parents bought a 75 year old or so piece of property to dairy farm in the late 70s. Since then they run dairy cows, chickens, geese, ducks, and 4H animals like goats. To his baby sister’s dismay that never included horses.

I was nervous and a little anxious, I’m not sure why I was, but it was about cracking this first egg open! Dozens (pun intended) of questions ran through my mind…What would it be like? Would the yolk be bright yellow or pale yellow? Would there be more white than yolk? Would I get food poisoning?Photo969

Finally, I grabbed one of the loaves of homemade bread. I tried a new recipe out and wanted to slice a piece to use it for “Egg in the Basket.” My bread hasn’t gotten a “big rise” yet so it wouldn’t properly accommodate the way I wanted to use it. I set it aside to toast.

I pull the first egg out, looking at it, of course my husband says,

Photo979“I bet you can’t crack an egg open with one hand.”

A little snarky in the morning, isn’t he?

I got my pan nice and hot so it would cook quickly. Curious I sniffed to see if the egg smelled any different than my store bought eggs. A slightly different smell, not one I could readily identify but not unpleasant. I was glad to see the color of yolk wasn’t pale, but not a funny looking orange. I was pleased that the egg looked identical to the store bought egg.




Big Boy was right beside me holding the spatula waiting to turn it! I handed the the pepper for him to season although sometimes he has a heavy hand. For a 3.5 year old he does a really good job but I don’t take a chance with the salt! It wasn’t cooking differently, but I’m not sure what I expected, say, mutant eggs?



Not much left to do but put it on a plate, right? Before Big Boy gobbled it all up, I tried a bite..the yolk was “fuller, more enhanced tasting” and yes, richer, and the white was juicier than my store bought eggs are normally. Very tasty. I felt the early rumblings of hunger just as I was taking Big Boy to preschool at noon. I will also add that eggs I eat in restaurants are different tasting than both these farm fresh eggs and my store bought eggs.


Although I’m excited for an excuse to buy farm eggs, I can’t wait to use them in other dishes. Although I appreciate a good contest it isn’t so much as to win eggs or a nod to how well I write an essay but I think the gals at RealFoodFreaks intent is for me to really “win” for my family – adding an ingredient fresh from a producer will provide us with a diet in fresh, real, identifiable ingredients. I thank them for adding to the spark that several others have contributed to over the last few months before I started this journey.

Yes, healthy eating is so much more important to me. Isn’t a healthy family that knows where their food comes from really “winning”?


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I like all kinds of recipes and feeding the growling stomachs of my friends and family.

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