I’m In: Egg-cellence Challenge and Essay Contest

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I remember when I managed properties in Garden Grove, California, where city ordinances did not allow farm animals within city limits. After several calls from neighbors about a crowing rooster, I had to tell a young girl (her parents spoke no English and I spoke no Korean) that the crowing was waking everyone and were going to call Animal Control to take the chickens away. I told her that if no one heard the chickens, the chickens didn’t exist, so to relay to her parents to keep the rooster quiet. The chickens weren’t the problem, just that darn rooster! Must have done the trick.

Even my local government recently got involved in the chicken debate by addressing whether or not to allow chickens within city limits  in “residential zoning areas”. Oddly the Animal Control office had the most to say – that they didn’t want the problems associated with runaway chickens! Haha, the City backed off of any further research and while I was saddened I understand why farm animals are allowed only in specific zoning areas – some people are just City people and want nothing to do with farming! And that’s okay too, live the lifestyle that fits you.

So of course I wasn’t paying too much attention last month when Real Food Freaks brought up real fresh eggs vs. store bought eggs and its benefits, but I am now after my local newspaper had this advertisement under the Pets, Farm & Ranch section:

Farm fresh brown eggs for sale. $1.50 doz.

I usually buy 18 eggs for about $2.00 at the store, I go through about 3 dozen eggs a month, at least. After reading through Real Food Freaks tips on how to identify fresh eggs, I’m disappointed that although the egg is edible I have a lower quality egg as it is sorta pale. Now I’ve got to tell you that it sounds like a bargain for farm eggs, and with the help of the questions from Real Food Freaks I’ll evaluate whether or not they are worth purchasing when I see his chickens! There are a couple of different places that I found that are also selling local eggs, for about $3.00 doz. and I might end up trying them too. If I find like Real Food Freaks that my local farm eggs fill you longer and are better quality, I won’t be so iffy on spending more money for them.

I’m supposed to make eggs for breakfast for 7 days with farm eggs, then do the same with store bought eggs; writing down my feelings, what I cooked, and basically use my 5 senses to evaluate differences between the two products, if any. The essay is to be a summary, which I’ll try to post my experiences daily and summary I submit. The “prize” is 4 dozen fresh farm eggs. I assume they’ll have them FedEx’d to the winner if necessary.

I’m hoping that I “win” by finding the farm fresh make my food better than the store bought eggs.

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  1. I just received the ping back to my blog. I’m excited you will be doing the challenge! Yea. I hope your able to source some good farm eggs. Pulling for you! 🙂

    And yes, you will receive 4 dz eggs Fed Ex’d to you for free if you win the contest, but it’s not based on whether you notice a difference. It’s only based upon how well you write about the experience and that you followed the instructions. Good luck!

  2. Yes! We’re psyched that you are entering the challenge!

  3. I can definitly tell the difference, especially when it’s just the egg, not used as an ingredient. Do a boiled egg taste test & take pics of yolk…i love that orangey-yellow color!

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